We are getting married in 104 days. Can I just bury my head in a hole?

As of today, I’ve managed to get a few things sorted out. I’ve finally, after days and months of contemplation have decided to DIY my candy and photo booth area. Thanks to Etsy and Pinterest, that I must say. Every day and night was spent looking at their website, deciding on the theme and color coordination. My oh so loving fiancé thinks that I’m putting in too much effort but that’s just me, I think.

I really salute BTBs who would go all the way when it comes to DIY-ing their hand bouquet, invitation cards, guest books and all that sort because, truthfully, it is so much hardwork! But somehow, I know it would definitely pay off.

All you need is a hot glue gun!


A night to remember for life

I contacted JWG immediately, right after we got engaged. I couldn’t wait. I’ve had them locked in mind years before the topic marriage was even raised. That was how much of a monster I was. A vintage theme was what I’ve always wanted. The traditional, the better.

Even when it comes to the night before the solemnization, I’ve made it clear to my dear mother that I did not want a party of any sort.

Made a deal with her to contact my trusty old neighbor who was a guru Ngaji. I’ve made my decision to hold a qhatam Al-Quran and a mandi bunga ceremony with the important ladies in my life. Henna will also be done by my lovely aunt. That’s how simple I imagined my night to be a day before the solemnization.

After all, when you’ve decided to embark in this pure journey called marriage, aren’t you supposed to do things that make you a better person? I can’t wait for that night to come. Insyallah with God’s will..




Truth be told. When I was a child, I’ve never fancied Disney Princesses. I was more drawn to the villains. So, having a ‘fairy tale wedding’ wasn’t exactly what I wanted or ever dreamed of.

Everything changed when I met my fiance. When he proposed, we had our initials carved on a miniature surf board we bought in Bali. He popped the question over dinner at the Jimbaran Bay and I was in.. shorts. I’ll never forget that day. We got our asses engaged last year, 21st January 2012 and here we are, after what seemed like eons decided to hop on the bandwagon and to have our own wedding diary. 

My intention was never to bore you, dear readers. So, here goes nothing!